Never been kissed

I am a girl who has never been kissed

And a Thousand years ago that was a problem that was fixed

I am a girl with long brown hair

And I’ve never been so fair

Look at my eyes and blow your thoughts

Kiss your dream before you’re lost

touch my lips before you kiss

i am a girl that you will miss

i am a girl who has never been kissed

but lots of my words will be missed

Kiss my dream, knock my world

marry me before that raven makes me old

when the sky isn’t blue

make a promise ..and swear it’s true

strand your finger in the end

make promises and taste the blend

i told you so, i have never been kissed

i am not an angel, don’t make me scream

That my sign in the wings

oh please, make a toast and drown with our drinks

Yeah i told you so, i am a sin

but i am an innocent girl, please let me in

I know that door, i always pass

i am that lady from another class

A pretty baby with her spell

oh kiss me darling, i’ll never tell

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